About Us

Spoon and Shovel is a garden and food blog created by yours truly, Mau.

I started baking at the age of twelve with the help and guidance of my wonderful Aunt Moki. Since then, I grew a love for cooking. I considered the kitchen my very own laboratory, mixing ingredients to create a dish which will be cherished forever. There’s no doubt it was a trial and error process, but it’s all worthwhile once you finally make that dish you dreamt of every night!

I’ve also always had the dream of having my own Garden. Then last year (2020), I met someone with the same dream that I have. And just this year (2021), we BOTH successfully turned his empty backyard (and probably the worst in the neighborhood) to a very nice garden!

Both gardening and cooking gives me the glorious sense of achievement. Having a tangible product (dishes and plants) after all the hard work, time and effort I’ve put through makes all the experience worthwhile and enjoyable.

I created this website to share with you:

  • delicious recipes I’ve concocted over the years
  • restaurants that “wowed” me
  • ups and downs in my gardening adventures in the years to come
  • gardening tips, tricks and hacks I’ve learned and will be learning

Some may say, I am just an amateur. Well, there’s no hiding in that, most of us are. I do believe though, even just an amateur, we all have our own stories to tell. We can all be…

Amateurs, but like a pro!